Cyberspace Careers

As technology shrinks our world and drives much of how our national defense functions, the demand for an experienced and qualified workforce to protect and defend our Nation’s networks and information systems has never been higher. Civilians with unique experience and skills in cyber now have the opportunity to take part in exciting and critical functions on the front lines of national security.


The Department of the Army is currently recruiting professionals with skills, experience, and knowledge that will strengthen the Army’s network capability and presence in cyberspace to include:

  • Cyber risk and strategic analysis
  • Incident handling and malware/vulnerability analysis
  • Program management
  • Distributed control systems security
  • Cyber incident response
  • Cyber exercise facilitation and management
  • Cyber vulnerability detection and assessment
  • Network and systems engineering
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Investigative analysis
  • Cyber-related infrastructure inter-dependency analysis